John Knox Manor


Please find the below frequently asked questions.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Q. Are hospice services available at John Knox?

A. No, John Knox is faith based and has its own chaplin on staff and employees are trained in end of life needs.

Q. Are there physician services available on-site?

A. Yes, John Knox’s Medical Director, Dr. Don Marshall, provides primary care physician services to residents in the nursing home using Jackson Hospital. Dr. Tom Kinser and his staff provide medical care for patients using Baptist Hospital. Residents can use their own physician if the physician agrees to follow the resident in the nursing home.

Q. Can I keep my own physician when I come to John Knox?

A. All residents in the Skilled Nursing Home, are under the care of the Medical Director. Residents in the Retirement Apartments and Assisted Living may keep their same physician.

Q. How are fees for services reimbursed?

A. Medicare covers services for short-term if the resident meets Medicare criteria. Other pay sources are Medicaid and private pay.

Q. How do I arrange for a tour of John Knox

A. Please call our Admission’s office at 334-281-6336, Monday-Friday from 8Am to 4:30.

Q. How do I pay for living at John Knox?

A. John Knox is approved by Medicare and Medicaid. We also welcome private pay and long term care insurance.

Q. Is John Knox owned /operated by the Presbyterian Church?

A. John Knox, Inc. is a church sponsored, not-for profit retirement community open to people of all religious affiliations. A volunteer board of directors oversees its operations.

Q. Is John Knox pet friendly?

A. John Knox does not allow personal pets, however, bird aviaries are located throughout the facility and bird feeders are located outside of each room.

Q. May I bring my own furniture?

A. The amount of furniture brought from home depends on if the patient will be in a private room or semi-private. Our main concern is the safety of the resident and the staff’s ability to meet their needs. This is done on a case by case basis.

Q. What is a CCRC?

A. A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) provides all levels of care for seniors. It gives the resident and their families peace of mind to know that as the residents’ condition changes they can progress to higher levels of care to receive the services they need. John Knox offers Retirement Apartments, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Home Care Services.

Q. What is and is not included in the fee?

A. For long-term care services, your daily fee covers room, board, nursing care, and cable TV service. Not covered are medications, and telephone service, newspaper service, personal laundry, medical supplies, incontinent supplies and telephone.