John Knox Manor

The Garden

In early 2000, John Knox Manor went through the process of being recognized and certified for the establishment and maintenance of a Backyard Wildlife Habitat site. This habitat is certified in the National Wildlife Federation’s world-wide network of mini-refuges where, because of John Knox’s conscientious planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife may find quality-habitat food, water, cover, and a place to raise their young.

We lovingly refer to our garden area as the Jewel of John Knox. Brimming with perennials, bulbs, annuals, roses, and vines, it is a cottage-style garden overflowing with colors, textures, and birdhouses.

The garden vignettes change yearly. Even when most of the flowers have lost their blooms in cooler seasons, there is always something to see in the garden. Welcoming-garden flags, gardening gizmos creatively used as decorative accessories, arbors, pergolas, bird baths, and outdoor sculptures give a warm and welcoming feeling.

Throughout the garden are small sitting areas to observe nature and plants, butterflies, and birds. Residents, families, and visitors enjoy the serenity of the garden and make donations to add to its beauty and enjoyment. The Jewel is our pride and joy!

"Back on its golden hinges the gate of memory swings, and my heart goes into the garden and walks with the olden things." 
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox